About Dr. Alisha Lalljee

Dr. Alisha Lalljee is a versatile practitioner with a diverse educational background, including a master’s degree in Psychology and Special Education, an MBA in Clinical Research and Hospital Management, and a diploma in Community Mental Health from NIMHANS. Based in Bandra, Mumbai, Dr. Lalljee offers counseling services to a wide range of clients, including toddlers, adolescents, couples, and senior citizens. Her eclectic approach to counseling involves utilizing various therapeutic methods tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Lalljee collaborates with schools, colleges, and corporate organizations to raise awareness about mental health. She previously wrote a weekly column for the Free Press Journal, focusing on the importance of mental fitness and health. Currently, she contributes columns to the Indian Express and the magazine, The Teenager Today. Dr. Lalljee accommodates her patients’ schedules, offering in-person sessions as well as online consultations via audio or video call.

Services Offered